Corporate philosophy

"Make people smile"
"Energize the world"

ECHELLE Co., Ltd. is a company that backs up artists and talents who have such thoughts.
We aim to be a company that can make people smile by taking on new challenges without being bound by the framework, which can only be realized by our company, which is strong in IT.

Company name
1-14-21 Nishiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161-0031 AAA Building 2nd floor
10,000,000 yen
April 13, 2018
Representative Director / Mika Suzuki
Number of employees
7 people
1. Various information processing services and information provision services using the Internet
2. Planning, production and operation of homepages via the Internet
3. Planning and sales of digital contents using the Internet
4. Mail-order business using the Internet and various information provision services
5. Content distribution service for video, music, data, etc. using various media
6. Advertising planning, production and advertising agency
7. Planning, development, design, manufacturing, sales, leasing, operation and agency business of electronic commerce and electronic payment systems
8. Planning, development, design, manufacturing, sales, leasing, operation and agency of computers, communication systems, their peripherals and software
9. Planning, development, sale of character products (those using portraits, signatures, nicknames, etc. of people and animals with unique names and characteristics) and management of rights to use, copyrights, design rights, trademarks Management of rights, license, transfer, mediation of these, agency business
10. Telecommunications business based on the Telecommunications Business Law
11. Development, license, management, transfer and mediation of intellectual property rights such as copyrights, neighboring rights, industrial rights, trademark rights, and patent rights.
12. Planning, production, sales and mediation of publications
13. Planning, production, sales and mediation of video, music and other software
14. Collection agency business
15. Event planning and management
16. Planning, production, entertainment and related product manufacturing and sales of sports, music, games, movies, theater and other various events
17. Management of athletes, instructors, writers, musicians and other arts and technology professionals
18. Planning, provision and operation of customer management and call center operations
19. Training, management, invitation, paid employment placement and worker dispatching business for performing arts talents, musicians, film directors, screenwriters, directors, athletes, cultural figures, etc.
20. Production of music, movies, theater, performing arts, lectures and their contracting and entertainment, as well as the operation and contracting of their facilities
21. Planning, production, contracting and copyright business for radio, television broadcast programs, commercial films, and commercial songs
22. Operation of recording studio and lesson studio
23. Business consulting and business consignment related to the previous items
24. All business incidental to the preceding items
Other activities
ECHELLE has a lighting and interior design company named VISUELS,
There is an animation company ECHELLE ANIMATION under the command of EDDY.